Get Backup from Guardant Fidus/Stealth/Net/Stealth II/Net II Dongles

Use this tool to backup the Dongle:

Aktiv Guardant Dongles Backup Utility v1.1 (c) Larry

1. Install original Guardant Dongle's Drivers.

2. Download and unpack Guardant Backup Utility.

3. Run utility and wait until he finishes his work.

4. Send me generated file to the address I can contact you.

Get Backup from Guardant Stealth III/Net III Dongles

Use this tool to get data from the Dongle:

Bus Hound v6.01

1. Install original drivers of Guardant.

2. Download and install Bus Hound (use demo serial number 48340). Restart computer.

3. Run Bus Hound, Set parameters Capture Capacity and Max Record Length on value 2048.

4. Remove checkbox from the option Merge Repeated Commands.

5. Go to the part Devices and choose your dongle.

6. Go to the part Capture and click Run.

7. Run your protected program and work with it a few minutes.

8. Go to the part Save of program Bus Hound and save log data in Zip File.

9. Send me generated file to the address I can contact you.

Any troubles? Use universal instruction to get the dongle's dump by USBTrace tool or contact with our support.

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