In this section one can find some links to download different software research tools and dongle tools.

HASP / Hardlock Dongles

HASP HL Installer version 5.20

Aladdin Hardlock Dongle's Dumper v0.1

TORO Dongle Monitor for Hardlock/Hasp4/HaspHL v3.2

Hasp4 / HaspHL Loger (c) Xyrurg & sataron | need Libraries

MYLOCK.FST builder for the SafeKey Hardlock Emulator 0.1 (c) Larry

Guardant Dongles

Original Guardant Drivers v4.88

Original Guardant Drivers v5.40.80

Aktiv Guardant Dongles Backup Utility v1.1 (c) Larry

SAAT Viewer 0.2 (c) Larry

Eutron SmartKey Dongles

Eutron SmartKey Dumper 1.01 (с) IsNull

Eutron SmartKey LPT Logger 0.1 (c) Larry

Software Research

Bus Hound v6.01

SysNucleus USBTrace

DeDe v3.50.04

Expert Commercial Software HexEdit v4.0

Hiew32 Demo


API Spy v2.5

Sysinternals File Monitor v7.02

Sysinternals Registry Monitor v7.02

Sysinternals Portmon v3.02

NuMega SoftICE v4.05 NT

OllyDbg XP v1.10 (with plugins)

PE Tools v1.5 Xmas Edition

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