Get Dump from HASP 4/HL Dongle

Use this tool to get data from HASP HL Dongle:

TORO Dongle Monitor for Hardlock/Hasp4/HaspHL v3.2

1. Install original drivers of HASP HL Dongle.

2. Download, install and Run TORO Dongle Monitor for Hardlock/Hasp4/HaspHL v3.2. Set menu parameter USB -> Output To File.

3. Run your protected program and work with it a few minutes.

4. At the bottom of the TORO Dongle Monitor you can find some text:

Hasp In:> HaspInitPacket

It's valid passwords for your dongle. HASP HL Dumper can be found in the folder of monitor. Run it with parameters:

h5dmp.exe 0xPWD1 0xPWD2

5. Send me all generated files to the address I can contact you.

Any troubles? Use universal instruction to get the dongle's dump by USBTrace tool or contact with our support.

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